By the time children leave Kinderley at the end of Year 6 we aim for them to have achieved the following skills set in swimming:

  • Pencil jump with arms above the head showing good control
  • Tread water for two minutes showing 360oturns in vertical position, one in each direction.
  • Head first surface dive and 5m swim underwater
  • 10m breaststroke showing good technique
  • 10m front crawl showing regular breathing
  • 25m swim on front or back
  • Push and glide on the front into a front somersault
  • Scull head first for 5m
  • 10m butterfly legs holding a float

The children who joined in Reception and left school in July 2018 have had ten hour-long swimming lessons every year. A number of children had fewer lessons having joined the school at a later stage. 42% of the year group joined during KS2, with 17% joining during Y6.

This table shows the percentage of children achieving the skills set in 2017/18:

All Joined before Y6 Kinderley since YR
2017-18 Y6 cohort 50% 60% 86%