Kinderley Community Primary School

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Cycle A                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Click here for Cycle B

Class 2 Autumn 2018

Local History explored through own family history and the history of a famous local person following a visit to Wisbech. Click here for a picture of some of our work.

Class 2 Spring 2019

Life in a Castle explored following a visit to Castle Rising.

Class 2 Summer 2019

Transport explored through famous people and events such as Neil Armstrong, first flight etc, following a visit to the Transport Museum at Sandringham.

Class 3 Autumn 2018

The history of Wisbech studied following a visit to the town.

Class 3 Spring 2019

The Industrial Revolution and agricultural revolution will be explored following a visit to Gressenhall.

Class 3 Summer 2019

Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age will be explored.

Class 4 Autumn 2018

Local history study based on Wisbech following a visit to look at significant buildings and landmarks in the town.

Class 4 Spring 2019

The Battle of Britain, a significant turning point in British history will be studied following a trip to Duxford.

Class 4 Summer 2019

The Mayan civilisation will be studied as a contrast to British history.