Kinderley Community Primary School

The sky's not the limit - it's only the beginning.

Design and Technology (D&T)

Children in KS1 work with a range of construction equipment to make models. They experiment with a range of joining techniques for different materials such as sticking, sewing, stapling etc. They will learn simple cooking techniques. The end product depends on the topics being studied in other subject areas. For example they may use Lego to make a model of a slave ship whilst studying Thomas Clarkson as part of a local history project, make puppets to retell a story being studied in English or make soup when studying healthy eating in science.

In KS2 the children will design, make and evaluate items to accompany work in other topic areas, choosing from a range of materials and equipment. For example they may make lighthouses when studying light in science, or windmills when studying the local area in geography. They will help to make props for the KS2 production

During the year all children will help to cook cakes and biscuits that are served at the termly Reading Cafés. They will also cook vegetables grown in the school garden over a camping stove during our outdoor learning day.