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Who will be involved with supporting my child?

The number of people involved with your child will depend on the needs of your child. For some children it will just be staff from the school working in partnership with you. Other children will have professionals from outside agencies involved as well.

Here are a few of the people that may be involved with your child and a brief description of their roles.

Class Teacher

The class teacher is responsible for your child’s progress in school. They will play a major role in supporting your child

Teaching Assistant

Your child may be supported by a teaching assistant. This may be in a small group or individually.

Specialist Teaching Team

The Specialist Teaching Team work with the SEN co-ordinator to offer advice and provide strategies to use with your child. They may also carry out assessments to identify areas where support is needed.

Educational Psychologist 

The Educational Psychologist performs a similar role to the Specialist Teaching Team, but has a background in both teaching and psychology.

Speech and Language Therapist

A Speech and Language Therapist will support your child’s language development. This may take place in school or at the clinic. They may provide a programme of support for the school to deliver.

Sensory Services

If your child has a hearing or visual impairment, sensory support may be involved. They will visit school regularly to provide advice on how to reduce any barrier to school life that your child may be experiencing. They may also work on a one to one basis with your child.

Occupational Therapist

If there are concerns about your child’s sensory needs, fine motor skills or visual perception the school may refer your child to an occupational therapist. They will carry out assessments and give strategies to use with your child. They may also recommend the use of specialist equipment.

Community Paediatrician 

The Community Paediatrician diagnoses some conditions that may affect children’s learning, for example autism or ADHD. Once a condition is diagnosed you may attend regular reviews.


Social, Emotional and Mental Health


The Social, Emotional and Mental Health Co-ordinator may become involved if your child has difficulties with behaviour. They will be able to give your child strategies that will help manage it.


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