Kinderley Community Primary School

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How will the school know if my child has special educational needs?

Teachers are continually assessing children and planning for their needs to make sure that every child in the school reaches their full potential. There are regular progress meetings with the head teacher to identify children who may need extra help. During the progress meeting they will look for children who come into one of the following groups.

  • children who are making slower progress than others who started at the same point
  • children whose progress has slowed down
  • children who are falling further and further behind their classmates and do not catch up

First of all the school will target any weaknesses through quality teaching and for some children their learning will improve. If your child continues to make less than expected progress, we will gather further information and hold a meeting with you, your child’s teacher and Mrs Atkins to discuss if your child has special educational needs. We want your child to be involved and we will find out their views before the meeting. If it is decided that your child has SEN, then SEN Support will begin.

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