Aims and values of Kinderley Primary School


The school aims to provide an environment:

    • in which children can develop skills, concepts, attitudes and knowledge that will enable them to play a full part in society
    • where children develop respect and concern for the needs of others irrespective of race, religion, culture, class and gender
    • where children can develop their independence
    • where children enjoy their learning
    • in which children begin their life-long learning   

We will:

    • provide all children with a secure caring and stimulating environment where discipline is firm and fair
    • ensure that all children receive equal regard and equal access to the curriculum
    • provide a relevant, balanced and challenging curriculum within the framework of the legal requirements for children of all abilities to enjoy and achieve success
    • encourage behaviour that is tolerant, sensitive to others and reflects good manners and awareness of others
    • help all children to respect and care for others, demonstrating self-discipline and mutual cooperation and acquire an unprejudiced view of other races, religions and ways of life
    • encourage and develop a partnership between pupils, staff, parents, governors and the wider community  

We want children to value:

    • excellence in their work and that of others
    • helping one another
    • others’ abilities
    • working co-operatively with others
    • the beliefs, aspirations and property of others
    • the reputation of the school

Working in partnership with parents and governors we expect to realise these aims